Literatura surfera en la Librería Central de Gijón

Nuestros amigos de la librería Central en Gijón, tienen una buena remesa de libros relacionados con el surf, algunos de ellos difíciles de conseguir. Regalar literatura en estas fechas es un acierto, y si tienes algún familiar, amigo que le guste el surf, acertarás de lleno regalando alguno de estos libros.   Alguno de los […]

Travel Buddy Wish List

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re a little bit obsessed with travel buddies around here. We want you to get them the best gifts for the silly season, and we think that travel buddies are better than sex! This isn’t hyperbole, nope, we think the world of travel buddies, we’ve got ours, and we want to meet yours. Heck, we want to be your travel buddy.

But travel buddies, real travel buddies, the best travel buddies aren’t easy to come by. There are various criteria, and a travel buddy worth investing your time in will fulfill most, if not all of them. You can’t just have any old bum hanging around with you, and that’s why we’ve created this wish list. Make sure your potential travel buddies tick 90% of these boxes, then go and tear the world up with them. 

Photo taking skills

A good travel buddy should be an effortless Instagram boyfriend. They should be able to get the shot both when you ask them to, and when you least expect it. Bonus points if they have super long arms to take selfies of the pair of you.

Map reading ability

This is particularly handy when you and your travel buddy head off the beaten track and try and track down the lost city of El Dorado, or find Tutankhamun’s treasure, or when you’re in the backstreets of Valencia, sixteen sangria’s deep, trying to find your way back to the hostel for a siesta.  


While your travel buddy is a substitute for near everything in your life, sweet sweet lovin’ ain’t one of them. You are strongly advised against getting freaky with your travel buddy, and to make this less likely, find a travel buddy who helps you get sweaty with strangers.

Hungover thing doing

Chances are that you and your travel buddy will spend many days of your Europe trip completely and utterly hungover. It’s a given. What you don’t want is to be tethered to some sad sack who spends these regular days moping around, grumpy, and feeling sorry for themselves. What you want is someone who gets a little kick from having the vinegar sweats, and who won’t judge you when you suggest topping the morning coffees up with Baileys.

Passenger seat staying awaking

This is a huge one for when you hire a car and do some cross country driving. It is literally against the law of friends to fall asleep in the passenger seat, and triply so for any potential travel buddies. Stay awake, find the best radio stations, open water bottles, supply snacks and be the map reading master we need you to be.


Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you break the cardinal “no rooting your travel buddy” rule, but we are saying that sometimes, on trains and buses, it’s nice to have a squishy travel buddy to snuggle into.

Different appetite to you

Your travel buddy needs to either eat more or less than you do. If they eat less than you it’s fantastic, as you’ll always get bonus food whenever you finish off their uneaten meals. If they eat more than you, you won’t be embarrassed when you leave a half-full plate, an act that may be seen as offensive by many European grandmas.

Hair holding

When the going gets nauseous, the best travel buddies get in there, pull your hair out of your face, and free up your chunder flight-path, allowing the high-velocity bile to hit the hostel bathroom wall unimpeded.

Shot ordering

The best travel buddies come back from the bar with unexpected shots, and you love them so much you just can’t say no to them. Look at their little faces, holding those entirely unnecessary tequilas, how can you not get excited?


A very important trait in a travel buddy. They can either while away the hours while in transit telling you tales from their previous travels, or they can recall to new friends adventures that the two of you have been on together, hopefully embellishing your involvement and making you look like a real hero, thus wing personing at the same time.

Ice breaking

You’re going to meet a lot of new people while travelling Europe, and sometimes you’re not going to want to initiate a conversation with them. Well, a good travel buddy will, they’ll just front up and say hello to the table full of babes and before you know it you’ll be piggybacking some Lithuanian co-eds down the road.

Grenade jumping

Sometimes comes just after ice breaking. Let’s say that you’ve found the Lithuanian that you like and everything is going well, they like you, you can tell, but every time you want to lean in and give them a smooch, their buddy keeps on ruining it for you. If only someone could make out with the buddy, take them off your hands, and free up the sext Lithuanian… well, a good travel buddy will. They’ll jump on that grenade and take one for the team and you’ll be greenlit to ruin the situation for yourself.

Does your travel buddy tick most of these boxes? Well good for you. But if they tick all of them, you better get yourselves some of those Stoke Travel Passports and kick summer 2018’s butt as a dangerous duo.


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Michael Lay, un surfer total

Conocimos a Michael hace unos tres años en un Gliding Barnacles, venía junto a su compatriota James Parry. Todo el mundo quería ver a Parry surfear, pero los ojos de la gente se desviaron hacia un chico rubio que surfeaba junto a él, era Michael Lay, dando una clase magistral  sobre la tabla. Su surfing […]

Exposición “Orillas” surf y arte. MAUS JAUS

Como todos los años por estas fechas, el artista Javier Mayor Casas mas conocido como MAUS JAUS expone su obra  inspirada en el surf y el mar,  cuadros realizados con acrílico y tintes sobre tableros de pino recortados, jugando con los huecos entre las distintas piezas para dibujar líneas o siluetas.   Una exposición muy recomendable que […]

Alberto de Mario. Small and funny surfing en la “isla”

A Alberto lo conocimos en un festival de Salinas de hace 6 años, era un adolescente venido de Almería, tendría unos 16 años y no os voy a engañar, me impactó la manera de surfear su longboard, apuntaba muy buenas maneras. Su afición se la transmitió su padre y su tío, dos italianos instalados en […]

Travel Buddies vs Fuck Buddies

You backpack with one and make the beast with two backs* with the other.

Here at Stoke we’re always extolling the virtues of travel buddies, those fabulous friends you can frolic the world with, but fuck buddies are pretty alright also! Somebody to strings-free straddle within the confines of your own bed, or a fast-food restaurant bathroom. Travel buddies and fuck buddies fulfill different purposes, but they’re both important in their own special ways; they satisfy different needs, and either of them can make you happy, or sad, content or frustrated, depending on what they do or don’t do.

And in an ideal world you would have both! You would have multiples of both, a travel and/or fuck buddy for whatever situation you’d find yourself in, maybe some overlappers, so you can get slapped while strapped in to your backpack. But this isn’t an ideal world, this is Stoke Travel’s world, and for the sake of this exercise we’re saying that you can only have one, you have to choose, between a travel buddy and a fuck buddy. What’s it going to be? (Don’t answer yet, look at our reasoning, dummy!)

You catch a plane with one, and don’t catch feelings with the other

You can’t wait to do things with your travel buddy, see new places, have memorable experiences and fill your life together with excitement. Every moment with your travel buddy is one of discovery, of adventure, of living life solely for pleasure and chasing new kicks around foreign corners, getting lost, but doing it together and living only for the moment.

With fuck buddies you’re kind of doing the same thing, but on a physical level, not on a global one. And you’re very careful to not let the relationship enter the emotional level, because then you’ll develop a thing for your fuck buddy and one night declare your eternal love for them and that will be that, they’ll be out the door and you’ll be laying there suffering from feelingitis.

One you can text at 3am for some fun, the other is down for good times 24/7

Best thing about fuck buddies is that, unlike your ex, they’re usually stoked to hear from you at 3am, yelling into your phone at the club, or just sliding into their DMs asking Wot u up 2? They’ll say, The doors open, or Do you want me to pick you up?, or Nothing, wbu? And that’s a gorgeous thing, a lovely thing, a handy thing, but then you don’t really contact them during the sober hours, and sometimes you feel bad about your drunken antics, while with your travel buddy it’s like, Let’s have fun when we’re drunk, and then again when we’re hungover and if we’re ever sober we’ll have fun then too! Your travel buddy is down for fun 24/7.

They’re both always down for oral pleasure, it’s just that one stimulates your ears, while the other…

Oh yes, that’s the spot, keep going, don’t stop now, you’re so good at… telling stories! Because you’re a travel buddy, and travel buddies will always fill the boredom with stories, stories from home, about their friends and family, stories about last night, just stories. Travel buddies are the best at using their tongues and lips to show you a good time. Fuck buddies worth keeping will also do this.

A good travel buddy is always on top, while a fuck buddy worth holding onto mixes it up

Top bunk! A solid travel buddy will happily jump up on the top bunk without you even having to ask them, they’ll even shotgun the top bunk, spring up there and lull you to sleep with the sound of them adjusting their but on the mattress. Squish, squash, squeak. That’s tops! But a fuck buddy that insists on always being on top, or on the bottom, is a fuck buddy that ain’t worth your time and attention, nup uh, your fuck buddy better mix it up, or they better fuck right off.

You’ll actually miss your travel buddy when they’re gone, but you can’t wait to see the back of your fuck buddy

You’ll cry when your travel buddy leaves you, and cry internally every minute that your fuck buddy hangs around longer than they need to. The beauty of having a fuck buddy is that they know what’s up and when it’s no longer up, they better get out. Travel buddies are soul mates, gorgeous beautiful beings, who you want to have around as long as possible.

If your travel buddy is hitting you from behind, it’s because they want your attention

Hey, Jeff, check out this sweet ice cream store, want one? When your fuck buddy is hitting you from behind they better not be thinking about ice cream, or if they are that’s cool too, we guess, just not our thing. 

Your travel buddy won’t insist you always wear protection, but your fuck buddy should

If it’s raining out, your travel buddy might suggest that you wear a raincoat, or if you’re embarking on a hike they might hint that more durable shoes are needed, or they might recommend a particular travel insurance to you, looking out for your well being, because travel buddies are guardian angels. Fuck buddies, on the other hand should always have protection in mind, and be prepared for it, otherwise they’re a good for nothing bum.

You want to keep your fuck buddy at arm’s length, while you’ll go to great lengths to get your travel buddy in your arms

Travel buddies flourish in the hug zone, that’s where they shine, where they are their most useful and do their best work. Get ’em in there and squeeze them tight, don’t let them go. Fuck buddies are sometimes allowed to hug you, but they better not get comfortable doing so.

You let your fuck buddy into your pants, but a travel buddy gets right into your heart

Awwww, we’re making ourselves fucken sick now.


While fuck buddies are handy for handies, it’s clear that we prefer travel buddies over everything else. Plus a good travel buddy works as an excellent wing person, so really, when you’ve found the right travel buddy you don’t need a fuck buddy. You don’t need a fucking anything. Share this with your travel buddy so they know you love and cherish them, and then go and get a Stoke Passport together.


* Sounds vulgar, but it’s Shakespeare:

I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs.” — Iago, Othello, Act One, Scene One

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Un día de surfing con MasterT. El último edit de Joel Reis

Cuando te levantas por la mañana y todo cuadra, olas perfectas, sol y poca gente en el agua, una mañana de surfing perfecta, eso es lo que se encontró Marco Tainha este otoño en su casa y además inmortalizado por la lente de Joel Reis de “ENDLESS FUN” . Surfer: Marco “Tainha” Film and edit by: […]

Stoke Travel’s Guide To Drinking Through The Silly Season

It’s called the silly season because you’re going to get shitfaced, for a week, make a jerk of yourself, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. From Christmas time to New Year’s Eve, and hiccuping through the intoxicated days in between, you’re going to be drunk more often than not and to be honest that’s just fine, perfect and completely deserved.

Obviously here at Stoke Travel, home of the €10 a day, all you can drink, open bar at essentially all of our destinations, we’re experts on all things boozing long term. We figured who better to advise you through this outrageous time of the year, because we want you to make the most out of these very soggy days.  

The weekend before Christmas Eve — don’t jump the gun

So 2017 is one of those years where you’re going to get fucked right up because you’ve got two full weekend nights, and one day, before Christmas Eve even starts. This is very dangerous. The last Friday night before Christmas is traditionally known as the most excited night of the year, and we all know that excitement means bad (wonderful) decisions. There’s no point telling you to hold off until Christmas Eve, because you’re just not going to do that, but you’re going to have to push through from here in on, so be aware that any choices you make now will have repercussions tomorrow and that repercussion will be that you’ll have to back it up and go again, and again, and so on. It’s best now to get into the habit of starting your day with a coffee and Baileys, and favourite of the Doozy Bros coffee cart that you’ve seen at our events.

Christmas Eve — the traditional re-ignition of the bridges

So traditionally Christmas Eve is one of the best of the year, because absolutely nobody has to work the next day, so traditional excuses for not getting lit are invalid. If you’re going home for the season, Christmas Eve represents a night when all your friends, family, the guys you nod to in the hallway at high school, etc, return to your hometown and fill up whatever shitty local watering hole you’ve got. This night is a real fun night if you can drink enough to avoid the boring, What have you been up to? line of small talk. What we suggest you do is find a quiet corner and start smashing tequila shots, just one after the other, maybe throwing in a beer to break up the onslaught after every fourth shot. Keep this up until you get drunk and abusive, so then when some geek from high school is like, Hey man, what have you been up to? for the hundredth time that night, you can be like, What have I been up to? Everything! But what the hell have you been up to, Joseph? Wasting your damn life on your stupid career like a slave to the system, Jason.

Christmas Day — surly Santa

So if you did Christmas Eve right you’ve woken up on Christmas Day loaded up with regret and maybe in your parents’ garden. Perfect! This is the perfect way to start your Christmas Day. Remember the coffee and Baileys you’ve been drinking since Saturday morning? Well today’s special, so sub them out for some elaborate Bloody Marys, the ones with celery and bacon and plenty of hot sauce so you don’t down the concoction too quickly, this drink is supposed to perk you up, not black you out. The whole point of Christmas Day is to show your extended family just how much of a goddamn legend you are, and the best way to do that is to impress them with your drinking prowess. Start the day with a spring in your step, but always make sure you’re one level of intoxicated behind Aunty June. Aunty June is your pace car. That way you won’t make a buffoon of yourself until everybody else has, and by showing that you’ve got some mettle in the drinking realm will mean that when the lightweights are passed out, Uncle Phil will include you in the secretive “good Scotch” club that always goes down late at night at these kinds of events. We don’t usually suggest this, but playing it cool through Christmas can really yield some tasty rewards.

Boxing Day — sun’s out, fun’s in

Righto, so the whisky has given you a slight hangover so this morning you might want to punch your first beer with breakfast. Get it into you. Boxing Day is a day for the outdoors, either at your rich cousin’s place, or in a field with your bonehead pals. Now if you’re in the northern hemisphere you’re going to need a coat, but for those of you down south, get that rotten rig of yours out and start slapping shoulders. The best way to spend Boxing Day is to be the happiest/most annoying person at the party. Get your arm around some acquaintances and tell them how much you love them. Run out of beer and then start asking everyone for one of theirs. Piss your pants. Boxing Day is a really good day to get out in the great outdoors, get sunstroke, and generally make a knob of yourself.

The Purgatory — can’t stop, won’t stop

Now we enter that weird no-man’s land between Christmas and New Years. There’s no real point going back to work for this stretch, so take the time off and enjoy yourself, and there’s also no real point in sobering up, so enjoy yourself with more partying. A lot of people will use this time to do a roadtrip to wherever they’re spending New Year’s, others will just vegetate at their parents’ place and some will become permanent fixtures at the local pub. We suggest that through this time you try a different drinking style a day and really run with it. Maybe on the Wednesday become a wine connoisseur and spend your day swishing grape juice around your mouth, never spitting it out and flashing your red teeth at people while you lie about the different flavours in the wine. On Thursday, become a ginny, and get loaded up on G&Ts and talk to strangers about your feelings before breaking down at the end of the night in a sobbing heap. Fridays are for fighting, so hit the rums early and make sure they’re strong. You get the drift.  

New Year’s Eve — survival

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, NYE is generally the worst night of the year. Too much excitement generally means massive let downs, and all the pubs, bars and clubs fill up with partying novices who clog up the service with their elaborate orders and slow decision making. You, on the other hand, are now essentially pickled in booze, so all you need is a little sniff of something alcoholic to be right rolling drunk again. We suggest you spend New Year’s outside, somewhere where you can take your own rocket fuel, a concoction of whatever booze you’ve got left, thereby skipping the horrible hordes and their stupid queues. By this point your mental state will be ragged at best, you’re essentially a hobo with your habits and we wouldn’t be surprised to see you sitting in a gutter leaking expletives at all and sundry, who will probably interpret them as expressions of goodwill, and thank you for spreading the merriment. All you have to do on New Year’s is survive until the clock clicks over to midnight, at which point you should make out with whatever piece of pavement you’re inhabiting and get some much needed sleep right then and there, among the puke and broken bottles, while all the goofballs makeout with each other, convinced they’re having the time of their lives.

If you want to have a really good New Year’s Eve, maybe the only decent one on the planet, then make sure you reserve your spot on our London-Edinburgh New Year’s Eve Party Train for this year’s Hogmanay celebrations. It’s the only way to round out a particularly taxing silly season.

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